R.I.P. Laptop


My laptop died this week and despite my best efforts, I cannot revive it.  I hope I can at least pull the pictures off the hard drive.  It was a four year old Toshiba Satellite that I purchased for gaming, it is also the first real purchase that I ever made on my own.  It served me well, but it was showing its age lately.  Now, I am trying to put together some money for a down payment and a deal on a new one.  I tend to go crazy without a computer to game on, it has been my main stress relief since I was 12.  I guess it was more than a computer, a symbol of I am an adult and taking care of myself enough to afford that kind of luxury.

In closing, rest well laptop, you helped me slay countless aliens and cast wondrous spells, pushed you farther and hotter than was likely healthy, but it was a fun ride.

I am sure countless people will think I am crazy, but any tech head or gamer will understand.


I wanna talk about me.


I am a happily married man with an almost two year old.  I enjoy  video games and beer.  I really started this as a way to get my thoughts out of my head.  I kept a journal for years, really got into it, leather books, fountain pens, etc.   I stopped for over a year and maybe this will help me get back into the swing of putting my thoughts in order.

I have to say that I also started this account in response to another bloggers assertion that although on men, tattoos are acceptable  and show comradery; on women they automatically assert them as sluts because “some other man has left his mark on her.”  I cannot begin to fathom the sexism in that single statement, let alone the rest of his article.  The statistics that he quoted for the article were at least four years old, one was fourteen years old.  His entire argument was invalidated before it began, if you are going to talk about current attitudes and cultural practices, use current studies.